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Countertop Water Purifier

 Countertop Water Purifier 


Start your day with  pure water!


Water quality is really important because our health is depends on it!

Water is by far the most important part of good health. Every life-giving and  healing function of the body requires healthy water. There is a strong connection between the quality of water we consume.

 Water Purifier can not only filter out heavy metals and chlorine in the water, but also eliminate most bacteria and  viruses which are harmful to human, and give you healthy and clean drinking water.

Type: Countertop water purifier.


Water Purifier With the patented bacteriostasis technology. 

1.Premium Quality

The material of the Water Purifier body is made of medical grade / food grade stainless steel with unique features and design and will not haror bacteria.

2.Safety and Health

NSF certified stainless steel faucet spout and  Anti-bacterial Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge provide safe and clean water for you and your families.

3.Economy and Eco-friendly

No electricity required and no waste water for the Water Purifier to protect our planet.

4.High Stability

Water Purifier is well made with stainless steel to provide maximum stability and durability.

5.Made In Taiwan


  in the Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge

  • Can eliminate up to 99.9% of most harmful bacteria and virus effectively.
  • International certifications: TUV ISO9001, SGS,NSF.
  • Washable, economy and eco-friendly.



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